How to care for Pampas Grass

As a premium pampas grass, dried flower and home decor destination, we often get asked "What is pampas grass and why is it so popular right now?" Good news—caring for pampas grass is effortless, easy and can be a cost-effective home decor choice in the long run.

What is Pampas Grass?

Pampas Grass, also known as Cortaderia selloana, is a tall reed-like grass that has a large plume and is native to South America. Our pampas grass is dried, meaning there is no need for water or major maintenance aside from infrequent dustings. As each stem is 100% natural, you can expect shedding and natural variations in size, fluffiness and colour.

Learn how to care for dried pampas grass

How do you care for dried Pampas Grass?

1. Give each pampas grass stem a thorough shake in an outdoor space (like your balcony or backyard) to allow any loose fluff to shed.

2. Customize the height of your dried pampas grass stems by using a pair of sharp garden shears or scissors. Trim each stem to the desired height for your vase or arrangement.

3. Arrange Pampas Grass stems in your vase, delicately styling the plumes until they're placed just right!

4. To help minimize shedding, keep your pampas grass stems in a low-traffic area, away from pets and children. 

How long does Pampas Grass last?

Typically, a well-maintained stem of pampas grass lasts up to 3 years, or with immaculate care, a lifetime! As needed, take your dried pampas bundle to an outdoor area and gently shake off any loose fuzz.

Why is Pampas Grass so popular?

Lately, you've probably noticed pampas grass decor is everywhere! From boho weddings to minimal and rustic home decor, these fluffy stems are becoming increasingly popular. This is due to the fact that high-quality pampas grass stems add a luxurious aesthetic to any space they're placed in.

Style your natural dried pampas grass stems

 If you have any questions about our pampas grass stems or want to chat about home decor, reach out to our team!


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