How to Care for Pampas Grass


Pampas Grass, also known as Cortaderia selloana, is a tall reed-like grass that has a large plume and is native to southern South America. Our pampas grass is dried, there is no need for water or major maintenance aside from infrequent dustings. As this is a natural product, expect shedding and natural variation in size, fluffiness and colour. To help minimize shedding, lightly spray with a strong hold hairspray and keep your pampas grass in a low traffic area, away from pets and children.
1. Give each pampas grass stem a thorough shake in an outdoor space (your balcony or backyard) to allow excess or loose fluff to shed.
2. Customize the height of your pampas grass by using a pair of sharp garden shears. Trim to the desired height for your vase or arrangement.
3. Arrange Pampas Grass reeds in your vase, delicately styling the plume until you’ve achieved the desired effect.
4. Generously mist your pampas grass with the high-hold hairspray to ensure the plumes stay put. This also helps to keep shedding at bay!


Typically a well-maintained stem of pampas grass lasts up to 3 years, or with immaculate care, a lifetime! Twice a year, take your pampas bundle to an outdoor area and gently shake off any loose fuzz.

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